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Do you have a list of subscribers you wish to promote our course to? Here are some emails you can use. Don’t forget to embed your special affiliate link into the messages to earn a commission!

It works best to send each email one day apart.

1: Taking your relaxation to the next level:

Hi (first name)

It’s Catherine Spence here...
Registered Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Coach.

Well done on getting my relaxation recording.

You made a wise decision.

It’s a great start on your journey to feeling better in yourself.

Relaxing your body and mind is the first step to having a deeper more fulfilling stress-free life.

If you’re suffering from stress, anxiety or depression though…you should know it’s possible to completely eradicate these problems in your life…

….by going a little deeper than just ‘relaxation’.

Here’s what I mean…

Helping people get to the ‘root cause’ of fear and worry and sadness in all its forms… is my life’s work.

I have a very unique approach that completely re-wires your mind to feel better… sometimes instantly.

If that sounds interesting to you…

Check out my other powerful hypnotic recordings

>>> here


Don’t spend a second longer suffering from anxiety or depression or stress than you need to.

This page can eradicate those problems for you today.


To your peace and happiness


PS- the relaxation recording you got is a great start to feeling more relaxed and less stressed.

>>> This page

, however, will take your relaxation to a whole new level.

>>>This page also has the power to wipe out any feelings of stress or anxiety you have…For good.

2: Sending a review:

(First name) meet Emma

Emma came to me last year suffering from anxiety and negative thinking.

She was struggling to cope with work and relationships and life itself at times.

Anxiety had completely overwhelmed her.

…Dominating her every waking moment.

I was glad she came to me because I knew immediately I could help.

As a Registered Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Coach, I’ve seen hundreds of people like Emma before.

And I’ve managed to help all of them ‘re-wire’ their minds from the inside out…using some

>>> simple but powerful mindful and hypnotic techniques…to quickly and easily clear issues like anxiety and depression.

Here’s what Emma said…

“I was struggling with anxiety and negative thinking and wanted guidance in breaking out of bad habits and forming new ones. Catherine’s voice is patient, kind, professional, personable and understanding … I've benefited from it greatly over the months. I've had such a positive experience.
E Watts, London

If you’re suffering from worry, stress, depression or anxiety…I may be able to help you too.

This page explains exactly how it works.

Emma spent years suffering from her anxiety before looking for help.

Don’t do that to yourself.

Help is available right now on this page.

>>>Go there now while the page is still live.

To your peace and happiness


PS- Being happier and more energized-and clearing away the fear or stress or sadness bothering you does NOT have to take years. In fact, changes can happen in an instant. This page is undeniable PROOF.

>>>Go there now and become happier and freer today.

3: The ‘worry cure’ lesson from a struggling ‘fly’..”

Hey (first name)

It’s Catherine Spence here…

Registered Psychotherapist and Mindfulness Coach.

Quick question for you…

Have you ever watched a tiny fly trying to escape a room?

…the way it bangs itself again and again against the window?

And keeps doing it –all to no avail.

The clients I meet are like that little fly.

They come to me, suffering from anxiety and depression and worry…they have tried to escape for years.

Often they describe their efforts to feel better like banging their head against a brick wall.

By the time they come to me- they feel like that fly.

…Weary and beaten down by their condition.

The reason why they can’t escape their bad feelings is simple.

It’s the unconscious mind and NOT our conscious mind that determines how we feel from moment to moment.

So I stop their conscious efforts to feel better and go to work on the unconscious mind.

And the results are nothing short of amazing most of the time.

>> See the results here

If you’re tired of trying to escape whatever stress, worry or problem you’re facing right now…

Let me help you tap into a different way to resolve your issue.

>>>Go here now to see how it works.

Do it now while there’s still time.

To your peace and happiness


PS- Being happier and more energized -and clearing away the fear or stress or sadness bothering you does not have to take years. In fact, changes can happen in an instant. This page is undeniable PROOF.

Go there now and become happier and freer today.

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