Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking

Very few smokers are profoundly committed to their habit, all those who I’ve ever spoken to deeply want to stop smoking but feel like they can’t. Maybe it’s because every time they have stopped for a time they have gone back to it. The good news is that hypnotherapy is the easy way to stop, by expanding and strengthening that part of you that wants to, and is able to, stop till it overshadows that smaller part of you that liked the smoking. Hypnotherapy allows you to empower and motivate the subconscious forces that know that smoking is no longer a desirable part of your life.

When you are deeply relaxed, you can mentally rehearse all the triggers that used to make you reach for a cigarette. Maybe it’s taking a short break from work, or stepping outside the bar for a more quiet chat with a friend. Do you realize you can still do both those things without a cigarette? Maybe it was the break and the fresh air that you were really wanting! Under deep relaxation, you can prepare yourself for when you are a non-smoker and faced with temptations, by visualizing these triggers and remembering that you are, in fact, very happy to have quit. For some, becoming a comfortable non-smoker can take a short time to feel natural, but, like anything, the more you practice “non-smoking” the faster you will forget you ever smoked.

Some smokers feel anxious when they try and give up smoking, sometimes this is because you may have an underlying anxiety that is nothing to do with smoking, if you think this could be you then try speaking to an accredited therapist face to face about it, or try the “tapering off method” rather than quitting in one go. You don’t have to suffer from anxiety, it can be treated. Sometimes it’s because the addiction to nicotine is making you anxious and it seems like a cigarette is the only thing that will help. This is a very temporary fix when you give up smoking for good you will be much calmer all the time, as your body will quickly repair and you won’t have that itch to scratch anymore.

In a deeply relaxing hypnotic trance, it is much easier to reach your emotional mind and remind you that cigarettes are in their essence disgusting and pointless and that you only like them because your body is used to them. It is easy to summon and strengthen the natural desire to be healthy and free of them.


  • Because you have had a nicotine habit in the past, it is best to avoid all nicotine in future once you have quit. No vaping or sneaky cigarettes just on special occasions. Your body’s nicotinic receptors need to decommission forever. Many people have told me that they had quit for several years only to slowly regain the habit from a few cheeky party cigarettes. You won’t miss it!
  • Drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruit and vegetables in the first few days after quitting. This will help support your body through the change and flush out any residual nicotine.
  • If you live in an area where marijuana is legal and you would like to carry on using it, you must find a method without tobacco.
  • Exercise will boost your body’s natural feel-good endorphins and help your body with the transition. Take it slowly if you have not exercised in a while.
  • With hypnotherapy you probably won’t notice any cravings, but if you do, know that they do pass after a minute or so. Distract yourself until it’s over.
  • Make sure your friends help and don’t hinder! Ask for their support until you are confident the habit is long behind you.
  • If you associate a couple of drinks with smoking, consider cutting down alcohol or drinking a different drink to your usual for a couple of weeks while you adjust.
  • Enjoy it! You’re embarking on a much better phase of life as a non-smoker! Your body will quickly be healthier, more energized, your mind will be clearer, your emotions calmer. You will be free of something that was keeping you down.

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