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Just like with quitting smoking, hypnosis can help you strengthen your resolve to be healthier in all areas of your life. Under deep relaxation, you can encourage yourself, or allow suggestions from a hypnotherapist or a recording to encourage you, to pursue the things in life that are best for you. Whether that is finding a healthy, supportive relationship, finding a job that fulfils you, spending your money wisely, or maintaining healthy habits like eating well, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

If you find that you often sabotage your own efforts to be healthy, this could be worth discussing in person with a qualified therapist. It might be worth asking yourself, what do you gain from this sabotage? Do you feel like you deserve to be strong, stable, and secure? Do you believe that you can get there? How nicely do you talk to yourself in your own head? Are there things from your past that still weigh on you now and prevent you from thriving?

Having a regular practice of meditation can be very helpful. It can help you practice being present and in tune with yourself, so that you’ll be more aware of what you want from life and what is holding you back. You might slowly start to notice, over time, which parts of your personality bring positivity into your life and which keep it away. You may become more emotionally stable and easier to be around, which will improve all your relationships.

There are lots of ways of practising meditation, sitting, lying down, even walking or moving around like in yoga or tai chi. Some forms of meditation involve focussing on specific things, like a candle or a mantra, or the breath, others ask you to cultivate compassion for yourself and all others. Experiment with a few types and see what suits you.

Once you are able to relax and focus on your wellbeing, you can freely use that attention to strengthen your motivation to maintain a healthy diet, exercise regime, and sleep habits. You can focus on how good it feels to have a healthier body, to feel energized and strong. You can leave behind the sense of guilt and shame from bingeing on junk food or being a couch potato. It’s great to have some time in life just to relax, or stay up late with friends, but use your focus to stay in balance and enjoy life’s treats in enough moderation that you can ensure your body will live a long and healthy life.

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