Weight Loss

One of the main issues clients come to me for is to complain about how many sweet treats there are in the office! It seems to be a big part of office culture to build a sense of community using food, which is a lovely sentiment in a way, but it doesn’t make it so easy to help stick to a healthy eating plan. People tend to get stressed at work and reach for doughnuts and cakes as a form of comfort and then suddenly discover that they can’t stop. And because they are trapped in the office, not always able to have much influence on the cake-sharing culture, they come for help with their willpower.

Other clients have deeper issues with food, not just in an office setting, they may have struggled with healthy weight management for a lot of their lives, either over-restricting calories or locked in a binge-purge cycle. If this is you, please consider talking to a therapist qualified in helping with eating disorders.

If you want to lose weight, it is important to be realistic. Healthy weight loss should be at around 1-2 pounds a week. So in a year, you could expect to lose around 50 pounds. This requires a calorie deficit between 500 and 1000 calories each day, meaning that you burn more in exercise than you eat in food every day. Choose a diet that suits you and that you can stick to. Some people like to cut out sweet or fatty food altogether as they can feel quite addictive, some are able to have these treats in moderation, perhaps a small amount once or twice a week. Consult a nutritionist, dietician or your doctor if you are not sure what kind of diet would suit you. Be sure you are not depriving yourself of important nutrients.

Choose the exercise you enjoy, maybe you like to be outside or in a team sport with other people. Take it slowly if you have not exercised for a while and never push through sharp pain in your body!

Whatever size you currently are, or hope to be, you are beautiful! Just think of it as investing in the healthiest body as best you can. Your body is your vehicle through life so take the best care of it that you can, and don’t worry what anyone else thinks of it. They should have their own vehicles to worry about!

Hypnotherapy can help you relax and visualize yourself at your goal weight, imagining how strong you will feel, inside and out. This will improve your willpower when those well-meaning office colleagues continuously tempt you with cookies. It can help you clarify your deep wish to be healthy and to take care of yourself, even when you notice that temptation rising up inside you, you will be better able to just say “no thanks, not today”.
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